Ayurvedic Doula Care at your home (London)

Ayurveda refers to the first 42 days after birth as "Body Time".

Body Time, or Kayakalpa in Sanskrit, is derived from a regenerating process traditionally offered to Royalty. It secludes 6 weeks for bonding, nourishment, healing and ritual for a significant start to your family's new chapter.

What To Expect

  • Herbal Preparations

  • Massage Oils, curated and prepared just for you

  • Ayurvedic Massage Techniques

  • Medicinal Foods & Beverages

  • Perineum Soothing Soaks           & Yoni Steam

  • Tea Ceremonies & Ritual

  • Moving Meditation

  • Yoga Nidra

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Postpartum Care Packages

Each care package includes 1 Ayurvedic Meal per day that matches your Mind-Body Type (Dosha). For a full outline of all services that may be included, please open the PDF in the button below (page 2).

IRL Services PDF


2 Weeks Ayurveda

2, 3 or 4 days p/w

at £179 a day

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4 Weeks Ayurveda

2, 3 or 4 days p/w

at £159 a day

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2, 3 or 4 days p/w

at £139 a day

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6 Weeks Ayurveda


How many hours will you visit?

Each Postpartum Healing Session takes 3 hours. The start and end times are fairly flexible, to match the dynamics of a newborn's schedule.

Are beverages and meals included?

Yes! Each session includes one meal adapted to your Mind-Body Type + Ayurvedic beverages.

Can I book in for ad-hoc single sessions at my home?

Yes! Here is the link.

Do you offer Postpartum Healing on location, too?

I can currently set this up for you in Soho.

Meet Your Doula:

Deborah Rose

I am a mother and Ayurvedic Women's Health Guide with a BIG passion for holistic Pregnancy & Postpartum wellbeing. The Self Healing Arts of Ayurveda are central in my work, which helps me guide you to your greatest inner wisdom and strength as a womban.

Let's Connect!

This taster session is on me! Schedule it well before your due date, so you can ask me anything and get clarity. There's time to discuss payment plans, too.

No strings attached.

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IRL Postpartum Healing (London)

Doula-It-Yourself: Ayurvedic Postpartum Prep Session

11 Moons: Sacred Pre- and Postnatal Journey Subscription

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